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Local SEO

Local SEO Ranks Your Business In Your Desired City

When you have a business that relies on local customers like an accountant, plumber, electrician, pool cleaner, rug cleaner, automotive repair shop, or any other local business it is essential to be on Google Maps. When a potential customer need a plumber, and does not know one, they will turn to the internet and Google: Electrician + local City. If you are not found on the first page of Google Maps, then chances are you will not be getting a call for your services. Statistically when people search online for a local service they will call the first, second, and third listings on Google Maps to get a range of prices. If you are not listed on the first 3 spots of Google Maps, you are missing out on numerous amounts of potential business.

How Do I Improve My Google Map Rankings?

Improving your Google Maps rankings is a fairly simple procedure. It is very time consuming, but can be effective. There are about 100-150 directories on the internet that you can link to in order to show Google that your business is in the city that you are doing business for, and what you r business is, and they keywords that you are looking to be found by. He have managed to compile the entire list and find the biggest directories and create map citations back to your business website and Google Map listing to create a footprint back to your site and have Google slowly rank it up. This directory approach combined with our review profiles will help bring your business to the top of Google Maps for the keywords, and the cities that you are targeting.



Marketing Services 

  • Full Web Site Design Or Redesign + PPC.
  • Rank Local Businesses In multiple Cities For Google Maps
  • Social Media Marketing On Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Increase Rankings And Conversions For National Keywords
  • Streamline E-Commerce WebSites To be Fully Automated


Streamline Results helped me build my accounting website, and get it ranked #2 for Simi Valley Accountant. We are getting new clients daily.

Niels C. Winther, C.P.A. – Simi Valley









At Streamline Results, Inc. we utilize our years of experience to improve your Google Maps rankings. We can move your website to be at the top of your desired search terms in the city of your choice. These local SEO tactics have been shown to drive more traffic to retail locations as well as websites to bring more customers to your business. More customers can adversely affect the amount of income your business brings in. If you are not found on Goolge Maps, you are missing our out on endless possibilities of customers that are searching four your business, or competing businesses in your industry. A study in 2010 showed that businesses that ranked in the top of Google received a 77% higher click through rate than those businesses that appeared on the 2nd and 3rd page of Google. In today’s era, web surfers will only go to the top 3 searches. If you are not found in the top 3 searches, your are losing out on potential customers.



Accountant Simi Valley




Our Local SEO skills can get your business to rank for a variety of keywords, and in multiple cities. If you are service based business like a plumber, contractor, electrician, etc., we attain the ability to get your business ranked locally in multiple cities, expand your customer potential.At Streamline Results, Inc. we use a variety of techniques that other companies are not enforcing, allowing us to get you higher rankings in the Search Engines.

  • Rank In A Wide Variety Of Cities
  • Expand The Reach Of Potential Customers
  • SEO Cost Less Than Local Advertising
  • Rank Higher In Goolge
  • Drive More Customers To Your Location
  • Increase Revenue To Your Business




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