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Social Media


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is creating your brand awareness on more than just the search engines. In order to put your company out there and drive traffic, you must utilize the new forms of social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, are becoming the fastest growing forms of social media. Our goal at Streamline Results, Inc.is to put your business out on these forms of social media to engage more potential customers with your form of business. When it comes to Social Media Marketing, there are many avenues and forms of sites that you can do to create brand awareness, get traffic, and build quality back links. Social Media Marketing is the new form of SEO. People listen to their friends on their social media accounts. Building these social media accounts to generate followers, likes, and views increase your brand trust. People may not need what you are offering, but when people on social media sites start sharing your product or business, it creates a source of trust and branding. We help you build this accounts, continue to do posting, and give you the look of a professional business. There are over 64 social media accounts that you need to fully branch out and be posting on daily. Most business owners only post on Facebook, and Twitter. This is only a small percentage of social media awareness that you are targeting. At Streamline Results, we will manage ALL of your social media accounts, post across the board on them daily, and get you the quality traffic and back links that bring you RESULTS. Give us a call today, we would be happy to manage all of your social media accounts that is needed in today’s day and age of marketing tactics.


Marketing Services 

  • Full Web Site Design Or Redesign + PPC.
  • Rank Local Businesses In multiple Cities For Google Maps
  • Social Media Marketing On Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Increase Rankings And Conversions For National Keywords
  • Streamline E-Commerce WebSites To be Fully Automated


Streamline Results helped me build my accounting website, and get it ranked #2 for Simi Valley Accountant. We are getting new clients daily.

Niels C. Winther, C.P.A. – Simi Valley








Social Media Marketing can be a creative and powerful way to drive potential customers to your website. This can be a highly effective way to get more potential customers engaging about the product or service that you offer. At Streamline Results, Inc., we can build your social media sites in a marketing way to attract potential customers and get them engaged in your product or service that you are offering. Lets Streamline Results manage your Social Media Marketing and let us bring you the RESULTS that you strive for as a business owner.

  • Social Media Gets Potential Customers Engaged
  • Rank Social Media Sites In Major Search Engines
  • Increase Traffic To Increase Revenue
  • Custom Built Social Media Sites
  • Fully Manageable Social Media Marketing
  • Increase Fan Base On Social Sites

Social Media



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